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Writing Great Press Releases – 5 Tips to Go From Drab to Fab

Posted on by JamesMartell

Helping entrepreneurs find success online is a passion of mine. So much so that I’ve written books, like The Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook, and online courses that even non-techies can follow. In addition to this, I also host the longest running podcast for affiliate marketers, and I regularly attend summits and conferences dedicated to online success.

True Success Starts at Home

Writing Great Press releases
During the six-month long preparation for a new bootcamp I was putting together my wife was kind enough to act as my test subject. It worked out to be a win-win for both of us, I managed to gain some great course material and my lovely wife, Arlene, built a very successful website called


Slow Traffic? Bump it up With Some Press!

Like many people just starting out in the online world, Arlene suffered some frustration with the lack of traffic she was seeing to her site. She had an important teleconference coming up for a series of podcasts she was planning, it meant a lot to her that she achieve a great turn-out for her interview with the founder of the Charlie Foundation, founded in 1994 and named after Charlie Abrahams, an infant cured of epilepsy. That’s when I suggested she write a press release.

Good Press Comes From a Great Press Release

1. Focus on the Voice – Press releases are completely different than blog article. Instead of the relaxed, neighborly tone you’d use in your blogging, or the sales tone you may use in your Twitter updates, the voice used in your press release needs to be direct, third person, and unbiased.

2. Know Your Audience – Rather than writing something that tries to appeal to everyone, keep your message tightly focused and restricted to a single page of copy. In Arlene’s case, the world of epilepsy is quite broad, which is why she focused her niche strictly upon moms and caregivers of children with epilepsy. When formulating her press release she expressed why these individuals would benefit from visiting her site and participating.

3. Have an Exciting Headline – News outlets all over the world rely on press releases to fill their pages with content daily. This is great news if you’re trying to build traffic and interest in your site, it all starts with an amazing headline. This is not the place to namedrop your website. The first three to five words of your headline should really grab attention so editors will want to read more.

4. Keep the Body Interesting – Arlene and I are big fans of making lists. When it came to preparing her press release she wrote two whole notebook pages of information about her site, including reasons why people would find it interesting or benefit from visiting. Then she passed this over to a very talented writer she hired through who condensed all that information into a beautiful one-page press release.

Maybe you can’t afford to hire a writer through Elance, that’s okay, just remember that the point of a press release is to make an announcement to the public. Either something about to happen, something that’s happening now, or something that recently happened, and why this event is relevant to your target audience.Templates exist online to make the task of writing a great press release less taxing.

5. Tie it up With a Sturdy Boilerplate – Ideally you’ll have reasons to generate a press release each month. Eventually you’ll notice this section of your press release will seldom change as you make important announcements from one month to the next. The boilerplate is where you share your credentials and contact information. A link to your site is always a nice touch, along with some brief information about your company or brand.

First the Great Press Release, Then the Widespread Distribution

Once the press release was in her hand, Arlene still wasn’t quite sure what to do from there, so I suggested she start making use of press-releases. Of course, press-release sites are a dime a dozen and some of them will just spin your content on low ranking sites, so we took advantage of a press release coupon code for PRWeb that was emailed to us by former PRWeb employee Mario Bonilla. The services paid off because within a few days, Arlene had filled up her teleconference.

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About the author:

James Martell is a leading expert in affiliate marketing training, being the author of the top-selling “Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook”. He is the host and creator of the “Affiliate Buzz” (the 1st and longest running Affiliate Industry Podcast), as well as “Coffee Talk”, where he interviews industry experts in segments. James relies on sites like when he needs economic and business news, and believes in outsourcing a majority of his content creation so that he can enjoy more freedom in life.

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