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Why SEO Isn’t Dead

Posted on by blog guest

The phrase, “SEO is dead” seems to be banded about on the internet on what is practically a daily basis at the moment. It seems however that most of these so-called experts who are declaring the industry dead don’t actually understand what search engine optimization is and what it is used to achieve. Here are some talking points that can explain SEO is not only alive and well, but is also a key component of your business’s online marketing strategy.

Where Has The Myth Come From?

image of a seminar for SEO is Dead?The idea that search engine optimization is dead generally comes from the misconception that number one, SEO is some kind of underhanded trickery and number two, that the Google Panda and Penguin updates irradiated any advantages that these immoral techniques gave websites.


Whilst it’s worth pointing out that there are some SEO companies out there that give the rest a bad name by practicing “black hat” tactics, which boost a website’s search rankings in the short term, but are a disadvantage in the long term, the majority of search engine marketing firms are legitimate companies who will provide you with top-quality service. SEO is not a way to “trick” Google and other search engines into ranking your site higher, it’s a specialized process that will improve the content, structure and usability of your website and a better site means better search rankings.

Less Emphasis on Keywords

A growing trend in recent years seems to be for search engines to put less emphasis on matching keywords in their search results. This has generally happened to stop webmasters inserting hundreds of different keywords into irrelevant pages on their site in an attempt to attract false traffic to their sites. For those who incorrectly assumed that SEO is solely based on keyword stuffing and other decidedly dodgy techniques, it was easy to pronounce the industry as dead. Whilst Google will pick up on and penalize a site for keyword stuffing, the search engine still requires keywords otherwise it will not be able to understand what a website is about. You have to think about it in this way, Google want to index information about your site to understand it better and give it a fair search result ranking, if you provide them with this information with intelligent, honest keywords, you will be rewarded. Try to take advantage of the system and you will have to face the consequences.

What Constitutes SEO Today?

Search engine optimization is a very different beast to what it was even two or three years ago. It could be argued that the Google Panda and Penguin updates have forced the SEO industry to clean up its act, but that if anything has improved the worth of search engine optimization by a great deal. Now, content is the king, whether that be well-written articles, entertaining videos or attractive photos, Google will be able to pick up on these things and identify that your site is of genuine worth. Is SEO dead? No, it’s evolving fast and the way the industry has had to adapt to changes in Google’s algorithms has resulted in a change for the better.
Bough SEO is a UK SEO agency based in London. Their team use their experience and expert knowledge to achieve great results through genuine, long-lasting search engine optimization techniques that will improve both your search rankings and the overall quality of your company’s website.

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