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When to Use the Service of Others Running Your Website

Posted on by blog guest

I’ve always been a big believer in doing everything myself. This is partly because I read too many stories and the heroes are always lone wolfs, but it’s also because I have a severely narcissistic disposition. Whatever the reason for this personality defect though, this also extends to the way I run my business and my website – if a job needs doing then usually I will learn how to do it and do it.

On the one hand this has been very good for me. I mean I’ve learned how to do tons of things – I understand HTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, BASIC and C++, I can use 3D modelling software and photo editing software, and understand the basics of how to run a business.

On top of this I know how to edit videos, daw with a graphics tablet, use SEO to get my site to the top of the SERPs, write and proof read, create eBooks, compose chip tune music and even take astrophotography.

Whatever it is I need for my website then whether it’s a fancy introduction with its own music or a cool background image of the moon, I can make it entirely myself.

The Day My Confidence Took a Knock

image of a frustrated Windows userBut then the other day my over-the-top self-confidence took a knock when I realized that maybe I shouldn’t do everything on my own. It started when I decided to try and make an advert for my website advertising an eBook I had written. I created the eBook myself and I was pleased with it, and then I swapped some of my advertising for this image I’d created promoting the book.

I’m an amateur bodybuilder myself (of course), so the image was of my torso holding the book edited in photo shop. I had a couple of sales through my e-shop (which I coded myself… of course) but really nothing to write home about and ultimately I was still making less than I had done with my AdSense.

I tried some tweaks – altering the price, altering the landing page, using things like special offers and ‘contrast’ to make people more likely to want to buy… but I couldn’t get the price up.

And then on a whim I decided to try advertising on DigitalPoint for someone to create a new advert for me. The guy spoke broken English and didn’t really understand what it was I was going for, and to tell you the truth I thought the image he created was a bit… hokey. Kind of clichéd.

However when I did put the image up in the place of my own, suddenly I noticed a change and people started buying the product. They started clicking because suddenly it didn’t look like something made entirely by one guy. There was a professional bodybuilder in the image who was more tanned than I am and who was better cropped onto the background, and the image was clichéd for a reason – that kind of image works.

Asking For Help

That day my confidence might have taken a hit, but it did get me to reconsider my position on hiring the services of others for running my website. Sure my site is doing well now… but what if I did use a professional SEO expert? And sure it looks good and people are spending time on the site… but imagine what a dedicated team of designers could do with the site?

image of a Happy Computer UserThe point is that spending money is an investment in business, and no matter how good you are at learning new skills, you aren’t going to be able to compete with people who do something for a living and have multiple people working on the same project. Apart from anything else you are often too close to your own work to honestly promote it or represent it. So next time you’re struggling to do something on your own, don’t be afraid to use the help of others in getting your site to sore.


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The above guest post is contributed by Oscar Wood, a SEO writer and consultant. He works with Wisdek as a SEO specialist and also authors blogs on google seo and link-building.

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