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Updated Google Friendly SEO Guide

Posted on by blog guest

Search engine optimization is a very powerful tool in improving visibility of a business site. Companies utilize a wide variety of methods and techniques to obtain high rankings on search engine sites such as Google and Yahoo. Unfortunately, there are entities that resort to wrong and misleading tactics just to manipulate search engine rankings. Now only does it degrade the integrity of the keyword, it also dismays and frustrates honest internet surfers who have wasted time to skim hoping to find good content.

image of a radical scene of the world wide webGoogle have acknowledged the presence of such problems and came up with solutions to control and restrict this kind of online behavior. The search engine have done extensive modification of its algorithm aiming to target websites with poor and duplicated content. Websites engaged in black hat and other manipulative tactics that affects search results have also been aggravated.

The bad news is that even the honest sites which have a form of over optimization have been affected by the changes in the algorithm.

For those who have been hit to some extent, it is not the end of the world. Here are several means to cope up with the changes Google have implemented.

A Google Friendly SEO Website is:

1.      Filled with a varied keyword anchor text – Due to the new over optimization parameters, have a variation of the keyword anchor text. This means that a site should eliminate using the exact keyword anchor text on all content. Having a simple mix up of words will do the trick. For example, if the keyword is “tax service New York”, you can make a variation such as “New York tax”. Apply this method not only on the website content but to link buildings as well. Through this means, the search engine will not regard the site as over optimized.

2.      User friendly – Basically, a website is created to attract visitors. This could be forgotten by businesses or SEO services company that focuses on being SEO perfect rather than being actually useful to visitors. The bounce rate of a site is now an important key factor to Google. A bounce is when a visitor exits the site right from the landing page without going to any other page of a website. The higher the bounce rate, the more susceptible the site is for Google corrective measures.

3.      A site that utilizes link bait – Link bait is a very effective means of attracting visitors in your site. Link bait is defined as making content that triggers a high emotional reaction to viewers or reader. Make sure that the content is easy to like, pin, or tweet in order to generate links.

4.      Not hesitant to consult with professionals – It is a smart move to acquire the services of a credible SEO services company to ensure that every optimization methods are within allowed parameters. This move will not only keep the site from being castigated by Google, but the service company will also provide inputs that are beneficial to the SEO goal of the business.

 A Google Friendly SEO Website is not:

1.      Filled with unreadable content – Flow is an important part of a successful Google friendly website. Keep it in mind that visitors and readers of the website are not robots. Be conscious of grammar and flowing sentences. The content should not sound as if it was spoken by a machine or robot when read aloud.

2.      Filled with paid links – Never activate any automated link building function. This becomes the passage of spammy or paid links which ruins the integrity of the website. Do not engage in reciprocal links as it can be regarded by Google as unnatural. Instead, make use of effective marketing campaigns and press releases that will induce the press to create links to your site. This is the safe and effective way to go up the ranks.

3.      Stuffed with keywords – Keyword overflow is the easiest way to get classified by Google as over optimized. Remember that generally, the keyword density should only be within the 5% range. Anything more than that would sound unnatural. Make sure that keywords are not overly abundant. It should also be evenly distributed throughout the whole content.

4.      Packed with duplicate content – Duplicated content is the worst thing that can ruin a website. Not only would it squander the chance for the website to have a good ranking, but it also makes the site unusable to actual visitors. Regularly updating the website content may not be an easy task, but it is certainly rewarding.

The key for being successful in optimizing a website is patience. The modification process itself may be a pretty hard task to do. It could also take time for the website to gain a respectable ranking even after all the essential changes have been made for SEO.

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Cedric Loiselle is a highly talented writer providing high quality articles for a wide range of niches. These include health and fitness, business and finance, as well as SEO and Internet marketing.

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