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Top Twitter Tips And Tricks For Business Users

Posted on by blog guest

A vast number of businesses these days are using social networking platforms such as Twitter as promotional tools. Those businesses which don’t yet have a presence on Twitter are really missing out, as there are lots of ways to use the platform to your company’s advantage.

To help your business make the most of its Twitter profile, follow these 14 top Twitter tips:

  1. Always add a picture– this will help to personalize your profile and make it seem more human than just a corporate account
  2. Make sure to talk about non-business as well as promoting the company – customers and staff of the business will be interested in your business-related tweets, but others will switch off
  3. Use Twitter to engage with customers and associates, asking them about themselves – this again gives your Twitter account a human touch and also encourages discussion and conversation
  4. Respond to customer complaints on Twitter (and there will always be at least a couple) by being helpful. Don’t just apologize.
  5. Make sure that more than one person updates your company Twitter account. Different perspectives can make for more interesting tweets, plus there will always be someone updating the account when others are off work.
  6. Use Twitter to ask questions, get opinions  and feedback and to provoke discussion
  7. Comment on other people’s tweets and re-tweet their posts to start building a community
  8. Make use of third-party tools such as TwitPic to point followers to interesting things, such as images, articles and videos
  9. When using Twitter to promote a new blog post, tweet the link with a question or an explanation of the article. This encourages people to want to read it.
  10. Make your tweets useful, offering advice, news or information. This can help to make your business an authority in its specific field
  11. Reply to as many @tweets and Direct Messages (DMs) as you can, but you don’t have to respond to them all or you’ll go a bit bananas!
  12. Manage your business Twitter account via a third party client such as Tweetdeck  or Twhirl – it makes it much easier to keep on top of things
  13. Remember that regularly tweeting is good, but that if spend too much time on Twitter, your colleagues, customers and clients may not be too happy about it
  14. Tidy up your tweets by learning how to use URL shortening tools such as TinyURL.

image of the Twitter BirdChristine, the author of this article has a keen interest in writing and currently writes on a freelance basis for Toner Giant, an internet business who supply printer consumables to businesses throughout the UK.

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