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Top Facebook Apps

Posted on by blog guest

The question “what do people do on social media” is so obvious that sometimes it slips developers’ and companies’ minds.

It’s obvious: people are on Facebook or any other social media to do precisely what the term implies. To get social. To share, stimulate, receive inputs and generally broadcast their lives among friends.



image of a guy with Facebook Addiction!!
Yet this is only a part of what social networks are used for today. Another sizable part relates to what people use social networks for, other than social networking. They chiefly stay on social media for a more individual use, though often, it’s inevitable, with shared significance: they use apps.

Apps usage is an important part of social media use.

Overall and by network figures paint a very interesting picture of what people like to do in their leisure time, and often in job times too!


To have some insight on this issue we have reviewed reliable sources of app data like AppDatatm (on who provide independent application metrics and trends for major networks.

The picture of Facebook app users that metrics paint is hardly surprising. Summarising the top 20 by Monthly Average Users (MAU) we could say that Facebook users love to play games, gamble, dream, to share pictures and interact with others. In short, Facebook is chiefly a leisure time network, though it’s so widely used that it comes in very handy for business as well.


In more prosaic terms, the current (Nov. 13th) MAU leaderboard published by AppDatatm is topped by Farmville 2, with 59 million users and a hefty 21,9 million users margin over the second-placed app. A generalized yearning for a more relaxed life in synch with nature?

The top 5 are

  • Farmville 2
  • Instagram
  • Trip Advisor
  • Texas Holdem Poker
  • schoolFeed (visualises your school yearbooks).

Gaming and gambling-related apps are strong in the top 20 for MAU: besides leader Farmville 2 we find Bubble Safari in 8th, Diamond Dash in 16th and the Bubble Witch Saga in 19th place, all of them over the 15 mill. MAU mark. Their combined worth increases by adding Zynga Slingo, the bingo-style game, with a cool 20,0 mill users in 15th place.

Relational apps are, not surprisingly, very strong too: besides Instagram and schoolFeeed, there are Birthdays in 7th, Microsoft Live in 9th, Bing in 12th, the Yahoo! Social Bar in 14th and Pinterest in 17th. Their combined MAUs add up to 179,5 million, which puts the category in first place among top 20 apps. In second place we find Gaming and gambling-related apps with 157,0 million.

The other apps that make up the top 20 as audited by AppDatatm are more diverse but no less interesting. Only one app for trips and travels is featured, Trip Advisor, which however sits very prettily in 3rd place overall with 36,1 million MAU. Two very strong applications cover leisure time use in very different fields: Spotify’s music streams are 10th with 23,7 million, while Chefville’s 11th place reveal a strong interest for preparing and sharing gourmet food.

Finally, the practical apps: Scribd is very popular in 6th place with 26,8 million MAU, while other apps that deliver Static iframe tabs join up for a remarkable 34,9 million MAU.

So do not forget that people love to network but they also love to play, gamble and travel around the world. A world which social networks contribute to make smaller and more integrated than we may think.

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This post is written by Mark Jenkins and he works at CouponAudit as a writer, where thousands of valid and working online coupons for different stores are available including but not limited to coupons and various other online stores.

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