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Tips To Building Commanding Online Presence

Posted on by blog guest

The Internet has recently become the Holy Grail for most marketing departments. Every business is now heading online in a bid to woo the ever swelling online audience. Through their websites, businesses are able to reach out to millions of potential clients from all corners of the globe in just a few seconds. However, with all your competitors also going online, creating a website and commanding a good online presence have become two different things. This guide will introduce you to the top 3 website building tips that could help you blow away competing sites.

Functionality Comes First

Many web developers tend to get too engrossed in appealing to the eyes to the extent of leaving very little for the brain. Having a breathtaking design will attract a good number of potential clients, but only proper usability will prevent them from finding an alternative. This is how functionality finds its way among the top 3 website building tips. Any website that intends to attract and retain traffic must be fully functional, with all resources running smoothly.

Enhancing functionality on your site starts with choosing a reliable content management system (CMS) such as WordPress. Integrating this to your site will provide you with the best platform to avail your web content to the online audience. The visitors will also enjoy many plugins that will ensure thy can share the content to friends. Visitor forms, social media links, spam handling and state of the art shopping cart systems are just some of the functionalities that could bail you out.

Intuitive Web Design

Unfortunately, the internet gives you a paltry 7 seconds to impress a first time visitor to your site. This means that if they do not find reason to remain on your pages within that time, they will move on to the next option. In as much as some people love to deny it, internet marketing is almost all about first impressions. This is why having an intuitive design is an indispensable member of the top 3 website building tips that could help you command an enviable online presence.

From images and menus to text blocks and carefully chosen colors, a great design will always make visitors hang on a little longer. This is why you will need to find the finest web designer that will shake off competition with an irresistible design. Once you have attracted the traffic, you can start thinking of how to keep and expand it.

Supreme Quality Content

A great design will always draw visitors to your pages, while state of the art functionality will keep them interested. With all these expectations, you can’t afford to disappoint by providing pathetic or even average web content. When you ensure all content uploaded to your pages is accurate, relevant and up-to-date, your visitors will start recommending it to friends and you will end up ranking highly with search engines. You raised expectations with an attractive design so it’s only fair to match them.

With these top 3 website building tips, getting the web traffic everyone craves shouldn’t be a problem.

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