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The Show Must Go On

Posted on by blog guest

When deciding to make a film or video there are many aspects of the production you can control, while there are some things that just cannot be planned for. This has been proved the case recently in the United States when Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast.
The bulk of the entertainment scene is played out in the backdrop of New York City. Manhattan is host to all manner of TV shows which film on the streets of the city, while neighbouring areas like Brooklyn and the state of New Jersey also host other well-known productions.

In terms of movie-making New York may be expensive, yet many of the big studios continue to film here.

So following the warning given to the city on the days leading up to the storm hitting these shores, all filming permits across the five boroughs were revoked by the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting due to precautions pertaining to safety.

image of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy on 10/30/2012This has meant that talk shows, concerts and Broadway musicals have also been affected, as well as anything else that was due to be filmed in the city at this time.
Of course this is not the first time that nature has disrupted the planning and preparations of the big film and TV studios, but it reminds them that it can be a costly business.

For budget filmmakers and those with an interest in photography, such a disaster can prove to be an opportunity to record the situation from the perspective of those most effective.  Documentaries and personal accounts of those who have managed to escape blazing buildings and heroes saving people trapped by the flooding can make for particularly engaging viewing.


When it comes to video production almost anyone can make a film these days. You don’t even need an expensive video camera either. With the latest smart phones providing more than adequate video facilities for home-made videos, people are realising they can get creative with their devices and produce their own visual and audio content.
This enables people to take advantage of any event that they come across and film any happenings live, in addition to being able to write and plan their own productions.
While this natural disaster has affected the filming schedule of many large-scale productions, the news teams will have been sent to the scene to capture footage of all that is going on. With the latest technology, video production is really being used to the full and this can be seen quite clearly in the world of the Internet, on video sharing sites such as YouTube.

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This article was written by Ben Smith, a filmmaker and expert on video production.

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