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Tag Archives: YouTube

5 Tips For Creating A Viral Video

Posted on by blog guest

Viral videos have led to increased business sales, web traffic, recording contracts, script deals, and general notoriety.  True, gaining millions of views can be a happy accident.  But more and more often they come by careful consideration.  A few key elements can help you craft a clip that will attract seven figure hits.  Read on and have fun! (more…)

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5 of the Best Doggie Youtube Videos

Posted on by blog guest

YouTube is home to thousands of funny videos, but those containing animals are some of the most hilarious. Man’s best friend can be a bit of a jokester, and some of those occasions are posted on the video-sharing site for the world to see.  Read on for a list of the funniest doggie moments on film.


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Standing Out From the Online Crowd – 3 Reasons to Use Social Media

Posted on by JamesMartell

In a time before social media, creating an online business required large investments of time and money. You had to be savvy with HTML and web page building, or pay someone to do it for you. Then the boom of SEO hit the internet marketing scene, and everyone scrambled to be ranked #1 for their chosen keywords. The trend has now shifted towards using social media to reach your audience, and it’s easier than ever, requiring just a little bit of time to get a business page up and running on any of the social trends (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc). (more…)

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