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Tag Archives: making money online

2 Tips to Profit from Your Social Media Efforts

Posted on by blog guest

Tips for Making Money Online with Social Media

Are you ready to make money online using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? Well you first need to forget making money online. Seriously. If your only goal is to make money you will treat people like tools, and you will certainly repel people, and money, when you objectify people. Move your attention to providing value and building connections. If you can focus on these 2 activities each day you will certainly make money online using social sites. Never fall into the trap of chasing money exclusively, as this goal leads to online doom. You chase dollars, you stop treating people like people, and this is a poor way to grow an online business using social media.


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Scream Queens – Don’t Let Your Blog Turn into a Horror Show

Posted on by blog guest

I have seen some truly awful blogs over the years.  Some blogs are a bit cheesy with only basic design and formatting but this is easy to forgive if the writing is fresh and interesting. Not everyone has the time and skills to make amazing professional quality blogs after all. (more…)

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4 Design Fundamentals Of A High-Converting Sales Page

Posted on by blog guest

The easiest way in the world to make money has to be sending paid traffic to a sales page somewhere on your site. It means you hardly have to do anything. Once you have set up your campaigns you can sit back and check they are doing OK, but once most of the hard labor is done you don’t have much to do. All of the sitting back and checking can be done from some tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. But you shouldn’t get too excited just yet, because this is also the hardest way to make money online.

There’s millions of people out there who can’t get this system to work. (more…)

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Identifying Your Obstacles – Goal Setting for the Affiliate Marketer

Posted on by JamesMartell

Many websites make it sound almost ridiculously easy to get into affiliate marketing and start making money instantly, and while there’s a few overnight success stories out there, the truth is it requires careful planning and dedication to be successful.

Back in the day, making money online was a bit of a gimmick, where sites like were “paying” people to surf back in 1999. (more…)

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