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Tag Archives: how to increase domain name value

Hyphenated vs. Unhyphenated Domains

Posted on by blog guest

It is well known throughout the domain industry that hyphenated domains are considered less valuable than hyphenated domains; in fact, many domain search tools offer a filter option to exclude hyphenated results. If your main concern is buying a domain to flip at some point in the future, the unhyphenated domain is going to sell faster and command a higher price tag. But, for the purposes of building a website and doing well in search engine rankings, there really is no difference between the two versions of the domain.


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Increasing Domain Value Through Site Development

Posted on by blog guest

If you are a domain portfolio owner and your domains are just parked, your domain value will fluctuate according to some very basic algorithmic factors coupled with the impact of the economy and search trends. If you build your domains out into websites, you will have greater control over the increase in your domain value. While there is both a time and money investment in doing so, if the economy and search trends don’t have much impact on the particular domain you own, this is one way to increase the domain’s value much sooner. (more…)

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