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Social Media Marketing: 3 Twitter Tips

Posted on by blog guest

Social media has huge potential in terms of growing your business, but many people are at a loss when it comes to using it effectively. Twitter in particular has great potential but navigating it can be tricky. The microblogging platform can expand your presence quickly. 140 characters and a bit of creativity can help you generate more business at a rapid clip. Are you thinking about using Twitter to grow your business? Are you currently using it without success? Regardless of which camp you fall into, here are some tips to use if effectively.

image of the Twitter BirdYou can tweet out up to 1000 updates daily. This means tons of broadcasting opportunities, as well as moments to share your fellow tweeter’s content. Successful tweeting is predicated by sharing freely. You can expand your presence quickest by expanding the presence of your twitter friends, by retweeting their updates, and also by engaging frequently.

So few people really chat on the social network. This is a mistake. By chatting you open yourself up to many new business opportunities, opportunities you wouldn’t have spotted by being silent.

Stay in the stream. This one tip grows your following fast, because you will appear to be all over the place on the social network. Tweet persistently, make an impact and grow your business opportunity.

Tip 1 – Engage

Engage persistently to make a serious impact on tweeters. Rarely do people stop and chat, treating twitter like a one- way broadcasting station. This foolish approach of one- way tweeting turns off your following fast. No better way to repel people.

Tweeters want people, not bots, in the twitter-sphere. Chat folks up. Be sociable. Be a person, be genuine and gain the trust of your target market. You will stick out quickly by engaging in a world of serious automation. Get chatting.

Ask people what’s up. How is their day going? This is not small talk, it’s detaching from business outcomes, which makes your business much more attractive. No desperate, repelling vibe here, just a clear and focused, engaging entrepreneur, intending to build relationships before all else.

Tip 2 – Retweet

If you do one thing, retweet like a demon. Retweeting makes you magnetic to new followers. People like giving individuals, and many folks return the favor. Retweet people aggressively each day. This is a quick way to attract a targeted, responsive, growing following.

Again, resist the urge to broadcast all day long. This turns off followers fast. Retweeting helps you to attract followers with increasing ease, by retweeters are popular on the social network.

Retweet at least 10 times or more daily to branch out and expand your network. As you retweet persistently more people will retweet you. This is a fool proof way to generate business on Twitter.

This takes a split second to do on social sites. Hit a retweet button. No effort really, and it opens so many doors with alarming speed. When we are focused on building our business, it may seem counterintuitive to spend time promoting other people but when it comes to social media, this is a necessary ingredient. Focusing your efforts on others will cause these same people to share more of your content and you will reach a wider audience.

Tip 3 – Tweet Value

Tweet valuable content to attract more followers and grow your business. This tip will help you to position yourself as an authority quickly, as value-packed tweets grab the attention of business prospects.

Tweet your latest helpful blog posts. Send out content-rich videos on a persistent basis. Put out good content on your account to attract business to your opportunity.

Use these tips to generate business on twitter today.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who loves sharing tips on how to market your business online more successfully; check out Winscp if you are looking for FTP client software.

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