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SEO Results – How? What? When?

Posted on by JamesMartell

Many companies expect SEO to be a miracle cure. They’re expecting to see results overnight. They expect to launch a newly kitted out website and see every Tom, Dick and Harry flock to the website to buy all their latest products.

Realistically this isn’t the case.

So how long does it take to see results? The real answer to this is: it depends. There are so many factors to be taken into account in order to understand the length of time it will take to see the results from your hard work making an impact on your website traffic. SEO shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. It’s a long term project that needs constant tweaking in order to provide an organic change in the website traffic and sales you’re experiencing.

How Do We Get These Results?

Google takes into account over 200 factors when it is calculating web page rankings for search results. Due to this, it means that every one of those aspects should be considered. Obviously, some aspects are much more important than others, so priorities should be focused towards those.

To get the ball rolling, it is great to start out with the following factors being optimized:

  1. Title Tags
  2. Meta Descriptions
  3. Social Media Profiling
  4. Backlinks
  5. Fresh Content
  6. Keywords

From there, SEO becomes a little more technical and a lot more in depth. If you’re looking to see results more quickly, then you need to focus on the bigger picture to start with and optimizing the six factors mentioned above will get you well on your way to climbing the rankings.

You need to be aware that just doing this once isn’t enough. As the world is constantly moving forward and changing, you need to understand that SEO and searching Google changes too. People look for different things and phrasing, popular culture and consumer demands move on to different things, and you need to realign your SEO tactics with these changes to stay ahead of the game and see constant results.

When Will Results Begin to Show?

image of what is SEO and Where is SEOSEO is long term. That’s been drilled into every business embarking on a campaign from day one. SEO experts saying they can increase your web traffic in 48 hours are lying.

The reason this is not a viable promise, is because Google only re-indexes every couple of weeks or months. With webpage quantity exponential increasing, Google has to take into account changes to every already established web page as well as every new one popping up, and re-rank accordingly.

This takes time and therefore, even with the best SEO in the world, results may not appear until this takes place.

Additionally, the organic process of brand building needs to occur. Backlinking can’t be forced and neither can social media presence and consumer ‘sharing’ of your work. The more the public begin to know your brand, the faster your SEO will gather speed; like a ball rolling down a hill. It may be slow at first but once you get good grounding, you’re keeping with the changes in your industry and your SEO is kept up to date, you’ll start to see your website gain greater visibility.

Lastly, it’s important to understand that every industry is different. Newer industries are less competitive and therefore results are likely to appear more rapidly. With less people wrestling for those top positions, it’s easier to fly to the top and have everyone know your name.

On the other hand, highly competitive industry fields and search terms are harder nuts to crack. With already firmly established companies in your field, and well-known brands having seized the monopoly of consumers, SEO is going to take a much longer time to kick in and produce more promising results. If you’re selling leather recliner chairs, you’re going to be up against companies who have made furniture for decades and will have public awareness behind them.

It’s not that you won’t see results; it’s just that patience is the key. You’re fighting against the greats and you need to be prepared to slog away at it for a long period in order to come out on top. However, if you offer a service such as a chiropractor that deals in personal injury, there may be less keywords to compete for.

What Are These Precious Results?

When people talk about SEO results, they’re referring to rankings in search engines. Getting those higher spots in the search engines in crucial. We’re all guilty of only looking at ‘page 1’ results in Google, so it is easy to conceive that gaining a page 1 spot is going to highly increase traffic to your website and end up with more sales.

The result cycle is simple. Say, you’re selling furniture, the closer your furniture company is to the top of the searches, the more likely consumers are to see your webpage links. The more often consumers see your website links, the more likely they are to click on them, resulting in increased website traffic. Additionally, the more website traffic you receive, of course the more sales you’ll make, but also the more recognizable your furniture brand will become in the public eye. This leads to more social media coverage, more brand trust and ultimately more customers coming to you to buy their leather reclining chairs.

Incidentally, it’s not an overnight thing. You’re in for the long haul.

About the Author:

SEO expert, James Martell, is completely dedicated to his job, bur always finds time to relax in his home by the seaside with his wife, Arlene and four children. Although he finds himself with his nose constantly to the grindstone, he’ll be the first to say there are perks to the job. With clients such as Ellicott City Chiropractic, he always has a great variety of work to do which keeps things interesting.

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