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SEO Crack Pot Tricks

Posted on by blog guest

Nothing makes me crazier than when I see SEO companies making promises they can’t keep and using shady tactics. It makes my job challenging when I have to be compared to someone who cranks out automated, spammy posts. This is my list of things that frustrates me and if you don’t understand SEO, then please don’t hire someone who does these things.

Guaranteed Page 1 Rankings in Google

image of the Google LogoThis is on the top of my loathe list. What webmasters don’t realize is that your chance of ranking on page 1 depends on many different things.  It’s not difficult to get an easy-to-win, long tail keyword to rank on page

1. How much traffic will that send you? 5 visitors a month? That’s the part these promise makers are leaving out. Whether or not your site can rank on page 1 depends on many different factors including the strength of your site (domain authority), proper on-page optimization, and competition of the keyword in question.

The goal is not to get to page 1 for any old keyword; the goal is to rank for keywords your site is optimized for, has a substantial amount of content to justify ranking for and will bring you traffic that will convert well on your site.  If you bring your website up in the rankings for easy, related terms first, the process will elevate your site’s ranking for the more difficult term. Then when the time comes that you want to pursue the more difficult term, you won’t have as much ground to cover getting there.

Paid High PR Text Links

No Paid LinksI worked for a company who, against my recommendations, decided to pursue paid links. They paid several hundred dollars for 5 PR 5 links thinking it was some great bargain. As it turned out, when they received the link report, the links were posted on spammy wiki pages with hundreds of other spammy links. First off, the hundreds of outgoing links dilute the value of your link. Second, that high PR page is due for a huge adjustment in PR.

With all those outgoing spammy links, it shouldn’t be long before that site gets penalized. Old lesson: you get what you pay for. Lesson for today: If you’re getting away with it, you won’t for long. Don’t pay for links if you’re committed to your site for the long term.

A Gazillion Spammy Links Cheap

There’s no shortage of spammy link builders out there who will outbid every legitimate SEO time and time again. Good links require work. Spammy links have been taking a hit through the latest Penguin update and are bound to continue going downhill with future updates. Don’t even look at the offers on Fivr which are completed automated spam. While there is a big variation in SEO pricing across the board, what really matters Is the type of links that are being built. Same lesson: You get what you pay for. Tomorrow’s lesson: A lovely notification of unnatural links in Google Webmaster Tools.

You really can’t go to a bookstore today and buy a book about SEO that isn’t already outdated or will be very soon. Whether you decide to link build on your own or to hire someone else to do it, your link campaign requires diversification of link types and anchor text. When comparing proposals, look beyond the monthly price at the type of work done. That’s where you’ll uncover the legitimate SEO or the crack pot.

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Theresa Happe works with Name Find, the tool for finding business domain names and their available social handles.

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