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Scream Queens – Don’t Let Your Blog Turn into a Horror Show

Posted on by blog guest

I have seen some truly awful blogs over the years.  Some blogs are a bit cheesy with only basic design and formatting but this is easy to forgive if the writing is fresh and interesting. Not everyone has the time and skills to make amazing professional quality blogs after all.

However what is less easy to forgive is someone who has spent the time and money in getting a really nice blog layout and design only to publish rubbish posts.
These often blatantly copy other content online (with just a few obligatory word changes) or manage to make interesting subjects seem incredibly dull and lifeless.

image of a queen screamNow it could be that the copywriters they hired are not doing their job properly or they have grossly overestimated their own blog writing skills.  Whatever the reason if you are going to run a blog make sure you do it properly. Don’t let your blog become a horror show of blandness and terrible writing.  This will ruin you traffic figures and ensure no-one who visits your blog once will ever return.

Get Some Help

Seriously if you are struggling to create a great blog then please get some help.  I look back on my first attempts at blogging and cringe at how bad they were.  Thankfully I realised my limits and got the professionals in to help me out.  I hired a SEO team and it really was the best thing I did.  I learnt so much from the way they transformed the look and tone of my blog.

It only took the team a few days to drastically improve the blog and make it something worth reading.  I was so impressed with the writers on their team I still use them to provide me with supplementary blogs each month. This takes the pressure of me and injects some freshness and inspiration into my blog to stop it getting stale and bland.

Make Some Online Contacts

As an active blogger I make sure I take the time to make contacts online.  Networking is essential for success in many business fields and the online world is no exception.  I have had some great successes recently with guest blogging.  This is when you contact other bloggers and agree to write posts for each other.

  • The great thing about this is that for your efforts you get something money can’t always buy you – quality backlinks.
  • By guest posting on other blogs I have achieved over a dozen really high quality backlinks to my website.
  • I am working on getting even more guest blogging contacts as well as I have seen a dramatic increase to my traffic figures since starting this strategy.
  • Google loves websites and blogs that have ‘credibility’.  This can be achieved by connecting your blog to other high profile blogs and websites through direct links.
  • All you need to do is look around and see what other blogs are similar to yours (in terms of the theme/focus of the blog) and also offer high quality writing.
  • Contact the blogger and ask if they want to set up a guest posting arrangement.
  • Most good bloggers will be aware how important this backlink strategy is so should be more than happy to guest post with you.

I run my blog for revenue so I don’t have the option of letting it turn into a horror show. I need people to visit my blog, enjoy the content and return again in the future.  This makes it much more likely for them to be exposed to the brands I am promoting and also act on the messages the content contains.  With fresh, engaging writing and attractive design and layout you too could create a blog that you can be proud of and could earn you money online.

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Guest blog posting is a great way to make new contacts and increase your online traffic.  This SEO method helps to boost your website credibility and ensure you are getting quality backlinks to boost your online profile.

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