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Best Kept Secrets on Making Money From Your Recorded Webinar- 7 Successful Strategies

Posted on by JamesMartell

Sometimes the best kept secrets are the ones that are staring you right in the face. Have you ever had to look for your sunglasses only to find them at the top of your head?

I feel like paid webinars are a lot like this! There you are creating a webinar for your specific niche market and scrounging to find ways to turn your potential attendees into lifetime buyers with the products that you offer and the webinar that you just created could easily convert into dollars and cents for you!

Pricing Strategy

While a great pricing strategy plays a major role in converting interest into a revenue stream for your business, fine tuning your webinar into a format that maximizes your profits can turn your one click interest into a sizeable paycheck. Showcase your webinar to a few close friends and peers before you strategize on monetizing the webinar. Glean from their insights and customize your webinar until you have a production that you are proud of!

Your Global Audience

image of a man doing a WebinarToday’s technologies provide several avenues to reach out to potential audiences around the globe. No longer is 8-5 the only time a business meeting can be held. But these meetings can take place at any time and can be recorded for playback later. The world no longer relies on a set timeframe for conducting business and neither should you. Utilize the resources you have to impact on your customers on their timetable.

Study Packs

I have a friend who put together a study pack series on supply chain management. He tailored his web conference videos for small businesses who were looking to outsource their supply chain. His videos included several series and he maximized his revenue by selling the whole “solution” rather than sections. Not only did he generate a higher profit from selling the whole lot, but his viewers were also able to see the entire picture of what supply chain management is and what is entailed. He’s not the sharpest tool in the tool shed but he saw a need that he could fill and found a way to provide it to his sphere of influence.

7 Successful Strategies

And with the below seven successful strategies, I’ll show you how passing on that knowledge can make you additional income!  In no particular order, here are my favorite successful money makers with webinar packs:

  1. When you’re conducting a live webinar, provide a follow up email introducing your other webinar products relating to the section for a fee.
  2. When you have study packs, give out free sample snippets to the course to whet your target market’s appetites and follow up with a suggestion link to the paid courses.
  3. Offer the CEO or senior management of the company access to your webinars to test out before having the rest of the company jump on board. At the end of 7-15 business days, follow up with them personally to check their interest level on distributing it within their company. I’ve seen instances where the executives will share their access with key employees to test their feedback and the products usefulness.
  4. Offer a monthly subscription service that provides access to a set number of webinars per month- this not only entices viewers to check out what you have to offer, but it will keep them coming back to use up the webinars that they already paid for.
  5. Charge by webinar or charge by mini-series at the beginning.
  6. Set up an ad section on your website promoting your specific webinar.
  7. Link, link, link! Connect your webinar face with others in the same industry. If you’ve learned a new way to develop online leads, share it with a marketing company that might be interested in posting your story on their website and linking your bio to your webinar site. This happens more often than we realize.

Keep it Simple

Exciting, isn’t it?! Such simple strategies that each of us can do today can help increase our bottom lines and provide a little extra revenue. I’m reminded of the cartoon movie by Dreamworks, Kung Fu Panda. There’s a scene where Panda’s father (a stork) is telling Panda the secret ingredient to his soup. “The secret ingredient is there is no secret ingredient” he aptly responds. One just has to believe that what they have is special. In the same way, your webinar is distinctly your own and thus special. Treat it as such and command a fee for it! You’re worth it!

About the Author:

Sophie Evans, freelance writer, works from home, self-confessed Starbucks junkie, mother of 2, son and daughter, huge Disneyland fan, lives with her husband Rick and their 2 kids in Balboa Beach, California. An avid advocate and popular speaker among her peers she is highly sought after and conducts live webinar sessions using tools and resources.

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