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Is It Worth To Gain Nofollow Links?

Posted on by blog guest

We all know that nofollow links do not pass SEO juice. Thus, nofollow links are hardly beneficial when it comes to SEO. However, nofollow links are still links similar to dofollow but without passing SEO juice. If links are viewed from reader’s perspective nofollow links appear tantamount with dofollow.

Nofollow Links are links, which can act either a reference or source. If the writer does a perfect job of arousing curiosity then readers will pass through it.  Moreover, with little creativeness, nofollow links can be put to better use.

Here are some ways on how to make most of Nofollow links:

Gaining Nofollow Links through Comments:

Several SEO consultants and webmasters hire people to post comments. Of course, dofollow blogs are given importance but nofollow blogs are never ignored. Job of these people is to post enticing comments. They should read the post, pick an idea, and elaborate the discussion. The goal is to leave comments that will arouse readers’ curiosity and lure them into checking the site. Even you can make the most out of it. Just adhere in mind that comments left should be exceptional. In short, stand out of the crowd. Furthermore, do this for the sake of helping readers not for SEO.

Gaining Contextual Links:

As part of our promotional plan, I guest post on several sites. Every webmaster’s guidelines differ. Some allow contextual links while some allow links only in the author bio. On some occasions when contextual links were allowed I would grab it happily. Most of them were nofollow and few were dofollow. After several weeks of publishing few posts, I was going through the analytics report. I was astounded to notice that posts, which had contextual links, referred more traffic than any other source. Although it wasn’t a surprise, the importance of contextual links was highlighted. Nofollow or dofollow, if there is a possibility to gain contextual link grab it immediately.

Gaining Links from Video Sharing Communities:

Video sharing communities are booming. Probably it is owing to the fact that people prefer videos to text. YouTube is perfect example of highly accessed video sharing community. Within the description, it allows placement of nofollow links. Create enticing videos that apart from educating will make the readers to want more. Help your readers with particular problem and provide a solution. If you have done it right then I can assure you the links through video sharing communities are going to be your traffic maker.

Nofollow Links From Classified Ad sites:

For several reasons majority of marketers ignore gaining links from classified ad sites. I should emphasize that links from classified ads are your ultimate money generator. I know it sounds weird. If you sell products/services, then posting over classified ad sites like Craigslist will reap instant benefits. People while surfing these classified ad sites have decided to make a purchase. They probably have their credit card on the table. An attractive ad linked to high converting landing page always works. Conversions will take place like rainfall. There are no SEO benefits but if you want buyers and increase sales, (nofollow) links through classified ad sites is your safe bet.

Note: Search for ‘Make money through ad posting’ and you will notice several people literally making a living by classified ad posting. Most do not own a website. They simple redirect buyers and earn affiliate commissions. Imagine the potential you can reap with your own site.

From all the above ways of gaining links, one thing is clear; links are links irrespective of dofollow or nofollow. If only SEO is kept apart and you are ready to contribute then nofollow links are nothing less of dofollow.

image of a golden key holding a chain linkP.S: Presently I see many bloggers recommending article directories to gain links. Directories, which allow dofollow links, might prove beneficial. However, if an article directory allows only nofollow links then you had better stay away from it. Google’s recent algorithm change has penalized such sites. Moreover, hardly people read over an article directory.

Hope you understood what I mean.

Richie Richardson is a wordpress developer working at Eyeforweb. Some of the services offered by Eyeforweb are web development outsourcing, SEO service, web designing etc.

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