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Identifying Your Obstacles – Goal Setting for the Affiliate Marketer

Posted on by JamesMartell

Many websites make it sound almost ridiculously easy to get into affiliate marketing and start making money instantly, and while there’s a few overnight success stories out there, the truth is it requires careful planning and dedication to be successful.

Back in the day, making money online was a bit of a gimmick, where sites like were “paying” people to surf back in 1999.


image of Affiliate Income GoalsThese kinds of sites were paying out fractions of cents per page you visited, and usually it was some sort of scheme to have you install a toolbar which fed you advertisements. All that changed when affiliate marketing hit the scene, which allowed normal everyday people to become abnormally prosperous.

Early affiliate programs were limited to things like credit cards, cell phones and satellite TVs, but these days you can find an affiliate program for almost any product. From all-natural homeopathic pet medicine, to feminine care products, world-famous Kona coffee, and services like Elance, there’s an affiliate program for just about any product or service. It’s no sweat off a merchant’s back to give you a percentage for generating customers for them, especially when most of them are drop-shipping at wholesale prices. The really cool thing is that if there’s a product you genuinely enjoy and want to share with the world, you can probably get paid for marketing it, without needing to be a company employee.

With Online Shopping Being More Secure Than Ever – It’s an Affiliates Paradise

Several years ago the scene was entirely different, especially when online shopping was just starting to become popular, because people were really afraid to put their credit card information out there on the internet. To be honest, no one could really blame them because the internet was still relatively new to most households and online security was in its infant stages, so scams and information-stealing viruses were multitude. Of course, all that has changed and now most people prefer online shopping to the mall. There’s a thrill associated with receiving a package in the mail 3 days after you’ve placed your order, and with buyer protection on your side why deal with the headache of shopping at a crowded mall?

Affiliate Success is Easy to Achieve With Some Simple Goal Setting Techniques

  • Put things to paper – It’s been scientifically proven that writing things down on paper forces you to think about them in a more deliberate manner, so put your pen to paper when your business is in the planning stages. This will help you generate ideas you hadn’t thought of before, so make sure you really dig deep and put your deepest desires out there into the universe.
  • Identify your obstacles – Obstacles like not having enough time in the day can be worked around if identified early, so it’s important to write down a list of things you think stand in your way. This will allow you to objectively view your obstacles and come up with ways to avoid them.
  • Identify steps to overcome obstacles – There’s always a solution to every problem, and knowing what you’re going to do in a time of crisis is key to survival. Make things easier on yourself by creating backup plans in case of a crisis.
  • Put your goals in plain sight – I recently listened to a podcast hosted by internet entrepreneur James Martell who discussed putting his goals on his startup page, so I went one step further and used a StickyNotez program to pin them on my desktop. The point is, being reminded of your goals is beneficial to actively working towards them.

Don’t Forget About the Positive Visualization

At the end of the day, it helps to envision yourself wearing a fancy new Ferrari watch, or any other extravagant item you’d like to buy in the future. Even if you’re not motivated by material possessions, it still helps to imagine a fancy dinner where nobody has to worry about the menu prices as a tangible measure of success. Attaining something of value whether material or not is a powerful motivator for most people, and acknowledging the steps it takes to get there will make the journey much smoother and satisfying.

About the Author:

Freelance writer Rachel Cook has an affinity for all things agricultural, which is what prompted her to pack up and move to Hawaii to live on a coffee farm. She’s now applying her SEO knowledge to generating online sales for Kona coffee, and plans on buying her boyfriend a pair of sunglasses from as an early birthday present.

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