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How to Use Twitter for Better Customer Care

Posted on by blog guest

Twitter, now a days, is so much more than just a social platform. Many enterprises use this space to interact with customers and resolving their complaints and problems. Why is twitter an apt place for solving customer issues?



Time and ease

image of the Twitter LogoWhile calling is a good way for resolving the issues, the  waiting and the hold time is annoying. Twitter is fast and easy and hence preferable.


While it may be good to get complaints by e-mail, a lot of businesses use Twitter because the person on the other end gets an automatic response and they don’t have to wait hours on end for a reply as there are character limitations, making answers short and simple.

Positive Image

Great customer support and quick response gives you a positive and it spreads through the twitter grapevine. So, a bit of work gives you huge results and follows unto other pages as quickly as the problem is resolved. Much like you find that profit can be made by word of mouth, the same principle applies to twitter but in the form of a re-tweet. This means that within seconds of getting a positive review with a customer you may see a bigger influx of product sales as they re-tweet to people who haven’t bought from you yet.

Cost reduction

Twitter takes less time and less money than call centers and hence is cost effective. Also it gives you a clear picture of your impact around your customers. With phone lines come phone bills, the more phones you have the higher the bill is. With Twitter, you can access it from your personal phone or just simply run off of Wifi in a building. No huge phone bill and huge waiting lines as Twitter is quick. Also, with the knowledge of how to use Twitter being needed, those who have poor ability in adapting to new technology will be weeded out of your business instead of getting constant complaints that customers can’t understand you.

After you have understood the reason why twitter is an effective platform for solving customer problems, you can go through the following steps of implementation:

Track the conversation around your brand.

Thus, you can see if your messages have been misinterpreted or not. Also, if there is any suggestions for your brand or complaints. Tools like monitter and tweetbeep are very helpful in tracking the conversation. All of it is recorded on the Twitter server so there’s never that mishap of a customers case being lost because they can simply retweet their case to the company.

Make customers aware of your presence.

Watching a conversation gives you an idea about what your image is but it is a passive approach. Making a conversation leaves a mark on customer’s mind about your brand. Also it helps in clearing any misconception or doubts and helps them to connect to you easy and leaves a good first impression. When customers want to talk about a product and they feel good about how their case was resolved, they may be inclined to give ideas for a future product. Letting these ideas, if they’re good, show up in a product and thanking them for suggesting it will create a long time fan of your brand simply because it shows that you really care about their opinions.

Respond quickly

Waiting agitates a customer always. And if a customer is agitated he will refuse to consider anything logical. And this one customer in turn can cause a huge damage to your brand. Take time to chat and be authentic.

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Priya N is a blogger who writes about online jobs & work from home jobs. You can visit her blog if you looking for extra income resources.

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