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How Does Content Marketing Work Anyway?

Posted on by blog guest

We are going to explore what content marketing is and why it’s the most basic of all elements on the internet. Since you are reading this you realize just how important it is. Content can come in many forms such as text, video, images and proprietary file formats.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the science and art of positioning a website high on the (Search Engine Result Pages) and content plays the most important role in all the process. When a visitor searches for information the most relevant results come at the top.

image of a content marketing strategyOptimization can have two variants; one is the improvements made on site and the second one is made to tell search engines the web property is relevant.

I’ll explain the types of content you can find on the internet and their usefulness.


As you can see text is usually the building block in most initiatives. Content of this kind is what is most crawled by search engines and appears usually at the top of a web property.


Text is usually the basis of other content types such as video, scripts are created for achieving the best possible effect. Text is used, even sparingly in presentations, embedded documents and type is a huge part in graphic design.


Much of today’s content is presented in a pictorial way. Search by images and other kinds of media is nowadays an important factor to communicate knowledge. Traffic generated to a website by image search is usually of the highest quality.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics or video is what’s hot on the internet. Video takes the most bandwidth because it is the most dense of all file formats. As an example YouTube is practically the second largest search engine because of its sheer footage content and user base.

Other file formats

PDF (Portable Document Format), Powerpoint, Graphics and other media comprise a large majority of untapped data. Some of the information contained in this way is of high quality and don’t usually appear on top positions on search engines.

Internal presentations in a company can be shared across the world with services such as this. Information can be transformed to formats better suited to be search and found online.

Social Media Content

Communication on social media sites can be informative, persuasive or entertaining; a massive two way communication is allowed thanks to the technology supporting web 2.0 which feeds from user generated content. A fantastic way to express yourself and to the world thanks to these useful web properties.
There are many ways in which content can benefit its creator, the website where it’s published and the world at large.

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The author is a specialist in content marketing. For more information on how to do this, check out this Empower Network review on his blog.  There are many useful tips on how to be successful using quality content on the internet.

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