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Some Good to Know Facts About Unmetered Dedicated Servers

Posted on by blog guest

A dedicated hosting service or a dedicated server is a type of Internet hosting in which the client uses the entire server without sharing it with any other person or company. This offers more flexibility than shared hosting as the organization that leases the server has full control over it. You can choose your own operating system and hardware in dedicated servers. Generally the server administration is provided as add on service by the hosting company. Dedicated servers are generally expensive than the shared ones but the investment can offer an opportunity for reducing the overhead and increasing the return. These types of servers are mostly used in data centres that are quite similar to collocation facilities.

Why to use dedicated servers?

image of an unmetered Dedicated ServersUsing the dedicated hosting service has a lot of benefits. These are high performance, enhanced security, greater email stability and control. Moreover the choice of the operating system lies solely on you. If you are a person who deals with Linux, then you can easily go for an unmetered dedicated server rather than opting for the Windows operating system.


Due to its high pricing, dedicated servers are used by large organizations that deal with huge volumes of data and receive a considerable amount of traffic.

Facts about unmetered dedicated servers

There are generally two versions of dedicated servers – one is the unmetered dedicated server and the other is the dedicated server with unlimited bandwidth package. The bandwidth of the dedicated server is an important aspect to consider. Bandwidth refers to the volume of data transferred from one point to other in a given amount of time. The need of bandwidth of a dedicated server depends upon the need of the client and is also based upon the service.

Currently the bandwidth of the dedicated servers is measured in gigabytes. There are some companies that are also planning to offer dedicated servers with 1 Terabyte of bandwidth or more. Issues occur when a company buys a dedicated server with unlimited bandwidth and ends up using more than the share of the bandwidth of the system, thus effecting the smooth operation of the system. This is where the unmetered dedicated servers come into play.

The benefits of such servers are that the hosting company does not track how much data transfer is happening on the dedicated hosting server.  Moreover, the owner of the server will have a private access to the server from the web host. These types of servers are beneficial for website owners who require a lot of bandwidth because the consumer does not have to pay for the actual bandwidth they are using. Having a dedicated server with unlimited bandwidth package and exceeding the bandwidth usage can put the whole server at risk. Therefore the unmetered dedicated server does not have any limitation actually.

The Business gimmick of the unmetered dedicated service providers

Although the unmetered dedicated server means unlimited data transfer, it is somewhere metered. One reason of it is in the technology itself. Practically unlimited data transfer is not possible even with unmetered dedicated servers because the service providers somewhere cap the top speed of the data transfer. So don’t fall prey to the business gimmick and use your common sense to stay abreast of all your requirements.

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