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Category Archives: SEO

Updated Google Friendly SEO Guide

Posted on by blog guest

Search engine optimization is a very powerful tool in improving visibility of a business site. Companies utilize a wide variety of methods and techniques to obtain high rankings on search engine sites such as Google and Yahoo. Unfortunately, there are entities that resort to wrong and misleading tactics just to manipulate search engine rankings. Now only does it degrade the integrity of the keyword, it also dismays and frustrates honest internet surfers who have wasted time to skim hoping to find good content. (more…)

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Why SEO Isn’t Dead

Posted on by blog guest

The phrase, “SEO is dead” seems to be banded about on the internet on what is practically a daily basis at the moment. It seems however that most of these so-called experts who are declaring the industry dead don’t actually understand what search engine optimization is and what it is used to achieve. Here are some talking points that can explain SEO is not only alive and well, but is also a key component of your business’s online marketing strategy.


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SEO Crack Pot Tricks

Posted on by blog guest

Nothing makes me crazier than when I see SEO companies making promises they can’t keep and using shady tactics. It makes my job challenging when I have to be compared to someone who cranks out automated, spammy posts. This is my list of things that frustrates me and if you don’t understand SEO, then please don’t hire someone who does these things.


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Website Traffic – Can You Build It? Yes, You Can!

Posted on by JamesMartell

Starting up your website without doing any research first about Google and keywords is like going target shooting with a bow and arrow while blindfolded. Your goal might be to get a bull’s eye, but you can’t shoot anywhere near your target if you aren’t open to learning the best way to go about hitting it. Learning about Google and how it works in regards to techniques such as search engine optimization and backlinks is essential to building traffic for your website. (more…)

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SEO Results – How? What? When?

Posted on by JamesMartell

Many companies expect SEO to be a miracle cure. They’re expecting to see results overnight. They expect to launch a newly kitted out website and see every Tom, Dick and Harry flock to the website to buy all their latest products.

Realistically this isn’t the case.


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