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Category Archives: Search Engine Friendly

Updated Google Friendly SEO Guide

Posted on by blog guest

Search engine optimization is a very powerful tool in improving visibility of a business site. Companies utilize a wide variety of methods and techniques to obtain high rankings on search engine sites such as Google and Yahoo. Unfortunately, there are entities that resort to wrong and misleading tactics just to manipulate search engine rankings. Now only does it degrade the integrity of the keyword, it also dismays and frustrates honest internet surfers who have wasted time to skim hoping to find good content. (more…)

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Tips To Building Commanding Online Presence

Posted on by blog guest

The Internet has recently become the Holy Grail for most marketing departments. Every business is now heading online in a bid to woo the ever swelling online audience. Through their websites, businesses are able to reach out to millions of potential clients from all corners of the globe in just a few seconds. However, with all your competitors also going online, creating a website and commanding a good online presence have become two different things. This guide will introduce you to the top 3 website building tips that could help you blow away competing sites.


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Top 10 Search Engine Friendly Website Check List

Posted on by Brad Jacobsen

For Better and not for Worse, these points could improve the search engine friendliness of a website.

  1. Splash Pages. A splash page could have a damaging effect to the search engine friendliness of website because it essentially is the most important page on a website as an entry point. A splash page often has very little useful content and splash pages are often built using Adobe’s Flash which Search Engines can’t index. Recommendation – remove Splash pages. (more…)
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