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Category Archives: Google Stuff

Updated Google Friendly SEO Guide

Posted on by blog guest

Search engine optimization is a very powerful tool in improving visibility of a business site. Companies utilize a wide variety of methods and techniques to obtain high rankings on search engine sites such as Google and Yahoo. Unfortunately, there are entities that resort to wrong and misleading tactics just to manipulate search engine rankings. Now only does it degrade the integrity of the keyword, it also dismays and frustrates honest internet surfers who have wasted time to skim hoping to find good content. (more…)

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The 3 Best Things to Do with Your Website

Posted on by JamesMartell

Do you feel that all the hard work that you have put on your website failed to bring any  true results? When you think of creating a website, what comes to mind first? I would say a majority of us would first think about extensively exposing our website, followed by a way to protect it. These are definitely the two crucial areas that determine the way a website functions and obtains traffic.


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Google Bombs and the Image Search Completely Wrong Returns Mitt Romney Pictures

Posted on by Brad Jacobsen

If you go to Google images and you type in ‘completely wrong’, the entire page fills up the pictures of Mitt Romney the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States in the 2012 election. This could be considered a blast from the past but is also a different Google Bomb with images. Unlike an instant explosion, Google Bombs take time to develop (or detonate) in a manner of speaking.

Looking back at some of the previous Google Bombs:

1. If you typed in ‘Miserable Failure’, the George Bush White House profile page on came up on the first spot in the Search Engine listing.

2. If you typed in “find chuck norris” for I feel lucky search, gave a search result from Google, that says “Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you” in red print.

3. If you typed “murder”, a Wikipedia page created by pro life activists on abortion was at the top of the Google Search listings.

4. If you typed, “Santorum”, a website would come up called It was created by a columnist and gay rights activist Dan Savage. He held a contest to create a definition for ‘Santorum’. He announced the winning definition which created much adversity for him on Google’s search. He asked Google to remove the definition from their index. Google refused stating that they don’t remove from the search results except in very limited circumstances.

The ‘miserable failure’ Google Bomb search was all about links. People built links with anchor text of ‘miserable failure’ pointing to the white house page and it really showed the linking power on the Internet. There was nothing on the George Bush profile page that had the text of “miserable failure”.

Unfortunately, in the case of Mitt Romney, he did this to himself.

image of Mitt Romney's pictures that display from the image search "completely wrong".This Google Bomb was different compared to the previous ones. It was with images and not text links. There were no links with the pictures and the anchor text saying “completely wrong”. This was all about contextual citations. Images came up from articles written with words of “completely wrong” in the text.

In the Spring of 2012, headlines and pictures of Mitt Romney had his controversial statements of 47% of Americans were “victims” and were dependent on the government. Romney later backtracked to say he was completely wrong. Many news outlets, blogs and other sources had the text phrase on the page and the Romney’s picture making it on top of the image search rankings when you searched the image phrase “completely wrong”. It’s definitely a blunder that politicians don’t want to make during the campaign trail. It also demonstrates how public figures have to choose their words wisely, especially when it spreads virally.

Here’s one for the trivia buffs. What was the very first Google Bomb in History?

A 1999 search for “more evil than Satan himself” revealed search results for Microsoft pages.

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