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Category Archives: General

Tablet vs. Laptop: Which One is For You?

Posted on by JamesMartell

The laptop had a great run until the tablet gained in popularity over the past few years. Now the great debate continues over which one is better for day-to-day life as well as business. Although many would say the tablet, it’s of course subjective depending on what you’re going to do with the device.

Chances are you already have a laptop, but you may be one of the many who are considering ditching it in favor of the tablet.

Before you rush out to the store, the first step is to really think about what what you’re going to do with your device and what you’re going to use it for the most.


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The Rise of the Internet ‘Troll’

Posted on by blog guest

A quick search for ‘trolling’ on any news site will bring up a string of stories relating to this internet phenomenon. They will talk about people or groups being viciously attacked on the internet by ‘so called “trolls”.’ The quote marks that are always applied to this term and the use of ‘so called’ despite the frequency of its occurrence in the media, should give you some indication of how hesitantly it is used by journalists, and how little it is actually understood. Trolling clearly exists as a concept, and is always presented as a pejorative term by media outlets, but is it being applied correctly in these cases? The short answer is no, it isn’t. (more…)

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Top Facebook Apps

Posted on by blog guest

The question “what do people do on social media” is so obvious that sometimes it slips developers’ and companies’ minds.

It’s obvious: people are on Facebook or any other social media to do precisely what the term implies. To get social. To share, stimulate, receive inputs and generally broadcast their lives among friends. (more…)

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When to Use the Service of Others Running Your Website

Posted on by blog guest

I’ve always been a big believer in doing everything myself. This is partly because I read too many stories and the heroes are always lone wolfs, but it’s also because I have a severely narcissistic disposition. Whatever the reason for this personality defect though, this also extends to the way I run my business and my website – if a job needs doing then usually I will learn how to do it and do it. (more…)

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First it’s Word Press and then it’s the World

Posted on by Brad Jacobsen

This week I want to discuss and create (hopefully) a simplified discussion on using Word Press with your existing website or integrating Word Press as your content management system in a new website.  It is by far one of the best blogging software on the internet, one being that it is self hosted blogging.  Meaning that you use an independant web host to do your blogging. You can use your own custom domain such as instead of on the site.

Over the course of a few weeks, I want to cover the area of theming, where I will go through the steps of integrating Word Press into your current website.  The theme of your blog will look and feel the same as the rest of the website making a seemingly smooth transition with the rest of your site.

The biggest advantage of Word Press is it extremely SEO Friendly.  Search Engines love Word Press because of the self pinging mechanism.  Every time a post is created or updated, Word Press sends a ping to many search engines causing a possible flurry of traffic to your site and even building a steady audience.  The other huge advantage of Word Press (which I Love) is the plugins available.  This is awesome! A user can customize a plugin according to there own requirements which makes Word Press one of the most popular blogging software on the planet.

My main topic here is theming and to integrate a Word Press template into your website.  Stay Tuned!

If you would like to add additional advantages to using Word Press, leave me a comment.

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