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5 of the Best Doggie Youtube Videos

Posted on by blog guest

YouTube is home to thousands of funny videos, but those containing animals are some of the most hilarious. Man’s best friend can be a bit of a jokester, and some of those occasions are posted on the video-sharing site for the world to see.  Read on for a list of the funniest doggie moments on film.


“Stains” from “It’s Me or the Dog!”


In this video, you’ll see a dog with an affinity for cupcakes as he’s forced to control his urge to gulp them all down and lick the plate clean. Stains’ bug eyed expression as he’s watching the plate of treats is just hysterical. Don’t worry, Stains—we’ve all wanted a treat that we couldn’t have!



 “Monkey” the Housecleaning Dog


Who needs a maid when your dog can do the household chores? Watch as Monkey’s owner leaves for work, and the dog tackles chores such as laundry, lawn care, sweeping, mopping and dusting. After a long day of house cleaning, Monkey’s owner comes home to his beloved dog, who greets him at the front door with an ice-cold beer.


Cute Dogs Compilation from America’s Funniest Home Videos


In this video montage, you’ll see a trio of dachshund puppies running (and tripping over themselves) on a treadmill, futilely trying to reach some dangling dog biscuits.



You’ll also see a gaggle of puppies in an enclosure, as well as a group of white West Highland terriers who go absolutely wild when someone throws a treat into an empty kiddie pool. These puppies are so funny that you’ll want to take them home!

German Shepherd vs. Cat


Here, a cat named Sam and a shepherd named Emma get into a hilarious situation. Sam bides his time, but eventually he pounces, chasing Emma across the yard. The hijinks go on for several minutes, as the dog circles the yard with the cat in hot pursuit.



At some times, it looks as if the cat is getting the upper hand, but the dog just wants to play. Who says dogs and cats can’t play nicely together?

The World’s Laziest Puppy


This little dog’s owner just wants to take him for a walk, but he doesn’t want to go. He burrows under the bed covers, runs through the house, and generally just does whatever he can to avoid going outside.


With all the effort this stubborn little dog put into avoiding his daily walk, he may as well have just done it and gotten it over with!

picture of a dog for the funniest dog moments on Youtube.These are just some of the funny doggie videos we’ve found on YouTube. No matter if you have a dachshund or a shepherd, or even a cat that loves to chase the neighborhood dogs, you’re sure to get a kick out of these video clips.



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