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4 High-Demand Online Careers

Posted on by JamesMartell

With suitcases packed and boarding passes in hand, less than 30 minutes ago we filed onto our flight; anxious and excited about the adventure in front of us. Giving up everything wasn’t difficult, physically, because we managed to get rid of most of our possessions through Craigslist. Emotionally, it was a little nerve-racking categorizing a lifetime’s worth of possessions into piles marked keep and donate. Finding new homes for our pets was especially tough, because parting with intimate friends and saying final goodbyes is very emotional.

We know there’s no turning back, and beginning this journey already helps to dull some of the ache from having to leave our best friends behind. Since our travel itinerary is open-ended, it’s a slim chance that paths will ever cross again, but we will always carry our fondest memories with us, and treasure the time spent together in our hearts.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

As the pilot announces that we will soon be descending into Philadelphia, a smile crosses my face, despite the sting in my throat, because I know that giving up everything is ultimately worth attaining what I’m searching for; the experience of a lifetime. A unique opportunity to travel the world and make an income on my own terms, on my hours (excluding writing deadlines) is something I’ve always dreamed of, but never quite believed it could come true. Once I began freelance writing, however, I soon discovered just how easy it is to earn a sustainable income while working online.

Your Dream Job is Waiting at Elance

  • Affiliate marketing – While affiliate marketing can conjure images of door-to-door salesmen or cheap, link-spammy websites, there’s money to be made from good, quality affiliate marketing. If there’s a product you like using and want to get other people to try it, consider joining their affiliate program, and then just start a blog and talk about that product in a natural, friendly way. Many affiliates programs offer a lifetime of passive income, simply do a little homework before committing to anything, and check out the website for the company you’re considering.  No amount of hype on your end is going to result in a sale if you’re sending your readers to an outdated page which fails to seal the deal.
  • Podcaster – If you’ve ever wanted to get into a radio station personality type gig, podcasting may be your early launch. You can host your own show, build its popularity like a blog and have a constant source of new material from interviewing friends and family. Podcasting is great so long as you’re consistent in your efforts and updates, not only does this build loyalty amongst your followers, but it also helps solidify your position as an expert in your chosen niche.
  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO can encompass a broad spectrum of jobs, but the one particularly suited for a nomadic entrepreneur is just simple SEO cleanup. Websites or blogs that have good content but aren’t getting views because of their Google rank might need someone to just clean up the keywords, meta-tags, headers and other little things that search engines put weight on. If you just read the previous sentences and feel as though you’ve read another language, you may want to brush up on your SEO knowledge.  Even if you don’t intend to become an SEO ninja, the extra knowledge will be a great selling point for future clients because it shows you know how to easily improve rankings.
  • Freelance coder – Software development can be big money, but you don’t have to work at a big software company. If you have any kind of Perl, Ruby, C+, or other coding language skills, try selling yourself to people who need little programs written for everyday tasks. Business people will sometimes want customized software tailored to fit their specific needs, and they will look for a freelance programmer to save money.

Work is What You Make of It

image of an example of a in demand online careerThis is only a very short list of the types of jobs you can do to support yourself at home, on the road and anywhere else you decide to take your laptop. Websites like Elance make it easy to connect with clients who are looking for particular sets of skills for short-term jobs, and many of them are repeat clients if they’re satisfied with your work. Even if you don’t feel confidence in your skills right this moment, studying online is easy, and you can even find CCNA video training to pursue from the convenience of your own home. Once you realize how effortless it is to abandon the boring and mundane corporate life, you’ll never turn back!

About the Author:

Rachel Cook is a freelance writer and advice columnist who loves to travel and watch Telemundo on her 7” netbook PC. Her self-learned fluency in Spanish has only helped to strengthen the relationship between her and the Dominican coffee farmers she volunteers to help during coffee harvesting months. A self-professed student of life, Rachel is passionate about learning new and interesting things, which is why she often recommends to her friends who want to improve their skills.  When she’s not busy trying her hand at the complicated art of coffee roasting, Rachel can be found photographing sea turtles in Hawai’i.

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