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4 Design Fundamentals Of A High-Converting Sales Page

Posted on by blog guest

The easiest way in the world to make money has to be sending paid traffic to a sales page somewhere on your site. It means you hardly have to do anything. Once you have set up your campaigns you can sit back and check they are doing OK, but once most of the hard labor is done you don’t have much to do. All of the sitting back and checking can be done from some tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. But you shouldn’t get too excited just yet, because this is also the hardest way to make money online.

There’s millions of people out there who can’t get this system to work.

image of a happy Woman on ComputerIt all comes down to the design of your sales page. If it has an unbelievable conversion rate then you are soon to be living the good life, but if it doesn’t turn traffic into buyers you are going to be stuck working hard for the foreseeable future. Bare in mind that the product you are selling has to be something people want. If they don’t want what you’re offering then you won’t make sales if you have the best sales page in the world. But if your offer is great then you just need to design your sales page the right way and it’s game on. If you’re looking for some tips on how to do it then look no further.



It starts with the headline

Writing a sales page is a little like writing an article, except your sales page brings in money so it’s even more important you get it right. There’s not going to be much people read it unless you have a catchy headline that draws them in. You only need to look at the change in conversionĀ  rates when people test out different headlines. Sometimes you can get massively different results that end up bringing you in 10x the money. All of this is because of the headline, which should be tested and should be creative enough to reel people in.

Speak about benefits

This is where the majority of people go wrong. How many times have to read a sales page and been shown a list of everything that’s inside? That might sound nice, but it’s not the thing that’s going to tip people over the edge unless they were already convinced. You need to tell people how it will change their life because of the great benefits it will give them. It’s only after you touch on their emotional shoestrings that they’ll be reaching for their credit card.


You need to have testimonials if you want to make more sales. Don’t have any? Well go and get some. It’s really as simple as that. You have to think about all that money you’re leaving on the table if you don’t use any because you were too lazy to go and find some. That kind of money is not worth thinking about. Everyone needs to build up a sense of trust and if you can show people that others have enjoyed your product they will be more inclined to buy from you.

Your call-to-action

At the end of the day, you have to ask someone to buy your product. When you don’t they’ll just go and buy something from someone else. It’s not exactly what you want to happen. So you have to use a strong call-to-action that will make people know you mean business. ‘Click here to buy!’ is a lot better than ‘visit the sales page.’ Use strong words. You can also test out different prices in your call to action and see what one gets the most sales. It could end up meaning you make more sales by selling at a higher price.

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The writer of this article, Jacob Shelby, is a technology enthusiast. He works for a company called the PenTech Consulting, which is a leading SEO company in CT. They help their customer develop and design their website so that their page rank increases considerably.

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