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2 Tips to Profit from Your Social Media Efforts

Posted on by blog guest

Tips for Making Money Online with Social Media

Are you ready to make money online using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? Well you first need to forget making money online. Seriously. If your only goal is to make money you will treat people like tools, and you will certainly repel people, and money, when you objectify people. Move your attention to providing value and building connections. If you can focus on these 2 activities each day you will certainly make money online using social sites. Never fall into the trap of chasing money exclusively, as this goal leads to online doom. You chase dollars, you stop treating people like people, and this is a poor way to grow an online business using social media.

image of a plaque on How to make money using social media!How can you make money? By sharing value. You see, money is a form of value, and to receive value you must give value, and when you give value you will naturally forget about making money online. Yep, you get so caught up in giving, in writing helpful blog posts, and sharing these posts on social sites, that you naturally detach from getting.


At this point, money flows in with increasing ease because you are not worried about getting and you do not block money by releasing on these negative energies. This is a sore point with most people, who build their whole social media marketing campaign around making money. You need to let that go if you want to make money with social media websites.

Create Immense Value and Post to Social Websites

Write helpful blog posts, shoot helpful videos and write insightful Facebook notes to attract prospects interested in your offering. If you give freely of your time and talents on social sites you will naturally draw in people who dig your offering. The key lies in giving freely for a sustained period of time, as 1 or 3 helpful posts, shared on your Facebook account, are not going to make you much money online. You need to take a long term approach to make a firm impress on the mind of your target market. Think in terms of weeks, months and even years, posting real value to your social networking sites over a sustained period to stand out in the minds of your prospects. Keep giving freely and really neat things happen.

Make Strong Connections with Individuals

Stop trying to sell stuff, forcing your opportunity on individuals. Start making strong connections with people, being a friend first. Your job as an online entrepreneur is to bring value to the table and make a ton of friends on a daily basis, to expand your network and reach into new, targeted markets. Forget about going against individuals, start being for people, helping friends in your niche grow their business and these folks will do the same for you. Promote others to promote yourself.

Create value and make connections persistently, and good things will happen for you. Use these 2 tips to make money online with social networking sites today.

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Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing tips to use social media the right way for your business needs; If you are in need of software forĀ file backups, follow the link for more information.

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